Yummy Mummies and Yummy Daddies
Do you pass the Yummy Mummy Test?

1. Are you a lady who lunches?

2. Have you absolutely no interest in being perceived as a homemaking icon?

3. Are you devoted to your little darlings?

4. Do you consider your little darlings a part-time hobby more than a full-time job?

5. Do you maintain your your cute figure?

6. Do you stay a step ahead of the latest styles?

7. Do you enjoy the nightlife-in and outside the bedroom?

8. Do you have (or used to have) a handsome, successful husband?

9. Are you satisfied with the choices you have made in life?

10. Do you take pride in your high-achieving husband and children?

11. Are you determined not to be discarded in favor of a new model?

12. Are any of these ladies your role models:

Victoria Beckham

Yasmin Le Bon

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Karen Walker (played by Megan Mullally) on Will and Grace

Your Yummy Test Results

Count up the number of boxes you have ticked

Between 0 and 3 - It is unlikely that your are a Yummy Mummy, you are probably a Mini-Me Mum

Between 4 and 6 - There is a slim chance you are a Yummy Mummy, it is more likely that you are part of The Rage Brigade

Between 7 and 9 - You could be a Yummy Mummy, but you are probably a Boomerang Mum

Between 10 and 12 - Wow! Excellent score! You are very likely a Yummy Mummy, well done! It is also possible that you are a Domestic Diva

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