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Rage Brigade

Rage Brigade: At a time when work hours and pressure seem to know no limits, work-related spousal rage is on the rise. Women who earn significantly more than their husbands and who feel trapped in their careers resent the burden of responsibility, especially when they feel it takes away from their time with the kids.

The rage cuts both ways: Euro RSCG's Prosumer Pulse® 2004 study, conducted in February, found that a substantial 79% of women think it's fine for a woman to be a homemaker and not do paid work. In contrast, only 64% of men feel the same. Clearly, today's man is not willing to reassume responsibility for being the sole provider for wife and kids, even as more women are hoping he will do just that.

Defining characteristics of the Rage Brigade: Frustration with the lack of life/work balance; guilt at limited downtime with the children; anger at her spouse's unwillingness to assume more responsibility at work and at home Role model: Courtney Cox (give it time!), Christine Hughes (played by Liza Snyder) on Yes, Dear

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