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It doesn't get any better. We all think about them and girls hope like hell that after squeezing out a few puppies, they too will become one.

They are so much fun. Just know when enough is enough. When you target your mission, find out as much as you can about her. If she has recently split from her guy, then tread carefully. Or better yet don't tread. Don't do anything. Let her make the decisions.

Actually, that pretty much goes with all women. Just take it slow. She has kids on her mind. You will always be second. If you can't handle that then don't waste her time. Find out how her relationship ended. If her ex is still in her life, if she gets along with him, is he psycho? You need to know this information before you start calling her.

Find out where her ex lives. Nothing is more terrifying than a loud determined knock at the door at 2 AM just after you shot your load all over her face. Listen to what she hates about him and do the opposite.

If her kids are around, pay attention to them. Don't try to be a father figure. Just let her know that you're sensitive to kids and you have a good heart. She's not looking to replace their daddy, she just wants you to fuck her like one.

There is no time for male insecurities in this relationship. She's pretty much the boss. You work on her time. So play it cool and jump when she tells you to jump. It's worth it.

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